Greater Lowell Community Foundation Convenes Fire Department, Nonprofits And Creates Tool For Fire Prevention And Education

Watch the video

Watch the video

Lowell, MA – In response to last year’s tragic fire on Branch Street in Lowell the Greater Lowell Community Foundation convened the City of Lowell’s fire department and local nonprofit organizations to create a tool to educate Lowell’s diverse population on fire prevention in the home.

At the table were Lowell Fire Department Prevention Services, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, International Institute of Lowell, and Lowell Community Health Center. A key problem was identified: what is an effective way to teach people from many different cultural backgrounds, who speak many different languages about fire safety? The group agreed that the best solution would be to produce a short film that does not depend on any one particular language to communicate fire education messages. Filmmaker Molly Bedell was commissioned to create a five minute non-verbal based video that illustrates methods to prevent fires, as well as proper ways to respond to fires in the home.

The City of Lowell’s Fire Department Prevention Services will utilize the video as an educational tool at schools and in community settings. “This tool depicts common situations that lead to great loss – loss of property and loss of lives — that fire fighters witness every day. Preventing the cause of fires and saving lives is the main goal of fire education tools like this video,” says Russell Fisette Public Education Officer of the Lowell Fire Department.

The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, International Institute of Lowell, and Lowell Community Health Center will promote the video in immigrant communities across the city. “This video was thoughtfully created without the use of language, using only visual cues, so that it would have a universal impact. Fire prevention is a topic all residents need to be able to easily understand, said Greater Lowell Community Foundation Executive Director Susan Winship.”

The Greater Lowell Community Foundation which sponsored the filming and production of the video will produce a limited number of copies to be distributed to nonprofit organizations, schools, and regional fire departments. To support distribution efforts please contact the Community Foundation at 978-970-1600.