Supporting NonProfits

We offer Support for Nonprofits in the Greater Lowell Community in the following ways:

Community Foundations exist to bring charitable people and resources together to address the social, educational, economic, environmental and cultural needs of our communities. If your nonprofit organization is working to address issues like these in our community, we encourage you to contact us. There is always someone at the GLCF available to listen to your concerns, share ideas, brainstorm, review our programs and services and explain our various grant making programs.

Meet and Greet Sessions: At the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, we meet with and learn about the nonprofits in our region. We visit at least two nonprofits a week as a way to understand the needs of the community and our nonprofit partners.

Professional Development: Throughout the year GLCF offers seminars addressing issues pertinent to nonprofit leadership and management.

Consultation: GLCF staff offer consultation services to nonprofits on leadership and management issues. Referrals are made to appropriate support as needed. This may include resources for funding or other support to build capacity.

We also offer consultation to donors who are interested in learning about the needs of the community. At times, donors are seeking suggestions of where to direct their philanthropic dollars.

Convening: GLCF serves as a convener and center for information where ideas are shared. We bring together like minded foundations and nonprofits to pool resources and offer opportunities for collaboration.

Competitive Grant Making: Made possible through the support from our generous donors, GLCF offers capacity building grants to strengthen nonprofits allowing them to meet their strategic goals and long term objectives.

Community Calendar: The Greater Lowell Community Foundation maintains a community calendar for the nonprofit community on its' website Nonprofits are able to post their events and seminars on this calendar.

Endowment-Building Solutions

Donor Advised Grants: A DonorAdvised fund is a flexible and convenient type of fund that allows a donor to make a charitable gift to a named fund at the GLCF, receive a tax benefit in the year that the gift is made and then work with the our professional staff to recommend grants from the fund to nonprofit organizations like yours.

Nonprofit Organization Endowment: The GLCF offers several endowment-building solutions for nonprofits already serving our area as we are committed to helping local nonprofit organizations build their endowments so that quality programs and services can continue forever.

The GLCF understands that nonprofit organizations have a need for stable, predictable sources of income. An Agency endowment at the GLCF can help. Here is how it works:

  • Your nonprofit organization completes a fund agreement and makes a minimum contribution of $10,000 to begin your nonprofit organization endowment.
    • The GLCF sets up a fund named for your nonprofit organization and issues regular statements detailing your nonprofit organization endowment fund's activity.
    • Assets in your organization's endowment fund are pooled with other endowment funds held by the GLCF, and invested with an objective of achieving preservation and long-term growth of principal while avoiding excessive risk.
    • An annual distribution is made from the GLCF to your nonprofit organization to support current needs or to be returned and reinvested.
    • You and your donors can make additional gifts to the fund at any time, including planned and deferred gifts.

The staff at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation is here to support nonprofit leaders and philanthropists in any way we can to stregnthen our community.

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