Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The GLCF is designing agency partner services to address a number of critical capacity building requirements in unique ways. One of our new initiatives will provide training seminars for nonprofits in our service area focused on:

  • Specific training for leadership capacity in the area of board development
  • Executive leadership development
  • Leadership transitions

In today's rapidly changing environment, management of nonprofit organizations requires a portfolio of skill sets to successfully navigate challenging organizational dynamics. After surveying a broad base of our agency partners, these were the most requested educational topics after assistance with fundraising. This is a unique opportunity in this area that addresses a specific void also identified by the Greater Lowell Nonprofit Alliance. These seminars will assist nonprofits in establishing credibility and influence in the community, help them to clearly understand the level of service that best addresses their needs, and would create more opportunities and incentives for the future.

The Greater Lowell Community Foundation will source keynote speakers to address, educate and motivate nonprofit leaders on these topics and will institute ongoing educational symposiums to the community it serves. Strong leadership capacity is hallmark to all nonprofit success. These seminars would demonstrate the positive results of improving the level and quality of creating strategic alliances, collaborating and networking with others and increasing the degree to which nonprofits share knowledge with their colleagues.

The primary outcomes intended by this effort include enabling nonprofits to do successful needs assessments, organizational assessment, program evaluation, knowledge management, and form collaborations and partnerships with organizations in related areas.

Philanthropic leadership and service can go a long way to meeting social service, arts, environmental, education and other needs in the twenty four communities in the GLCF's service area. Securing permanent funds for civic and charitable services provides an enduring source of support to meet those needs. When you are managing funds donated by others you have a responsibility to others to ensure you maximize the benefits your organization derives from the donation. Moreover community leadership is needed to bring individuals and institutions together to tackle important issues, and the GLCF contributes to this constructive process alongside other major institutions in our region. Please CONTACT US to learn more about these workshops.


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