Lowell High School's Campaign for Educational Excellence

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Lowell High School's Campaign for Educational Excellence was established to endow permanent scholarships and other endowed funds to assist college-bound students who may not be able to afford the school of their choice, and for enrichment programs beyond the basic services that can be offered through public funding alone.

Since 1998, the fund has grown to $3.5 million in value representing 154 permanently endowed individual funds that have been created by generous donors and past LHS graduates. During this time over 1,000 graduating seniors have received over 1,200 scholarships.

Lowell is a gateway city, granting entry into a world of opportunity for all its residents – those who are newly transplanted here as well as those whose family trees have been rooted in this city for many generations.

Since 1831, Lowell High School, the first co-ed high school in the United States, has played a central role in shaping the dreams of its young residents through a solid educational program. Over the years, the City of Lowell, has been tremendously supportive of its high school, including funding a $40 million renovation of the facility.

With nearly 4,000 ethnically diverse-students, Lowell High School is the state’s second largest public high school. Despite its size, the school boasts a remarkably close-knit learning community, where difference is embraced as a life lesson. Lowell High School is invested deeply in developing young people who possess tolerance, integrity, and a lifelong love of learning. Lowell High School graduates have gone on to become Presidential candidates, Congressmen, actors, authors, entrepreneurs, church dignitaries, military generals, doctors, professional sports stars, opera stars, and television and radio personalities.

Lowell High School, recognized as an outstanding urban high school by U.S. News & World Report in 1999, remains committed to helping all its students succeed. Lowell High School has strengthened its traditional educational program even further by introducing innovative offerings such as the Latin Lyceum, an exam school offering a classical education to academically gifted students, and other specialized Academies. It partners with the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College to allow students to take college courses. Lowell High School continues to recruit the finest teachers, to integrate cutting-edge technology into its classrooms, and to renovate its buildings and sports facilities. The school also offers dozens of clubs and championship sports teams.

Lowell High School offers a solid educational program with support from public funding. Because private funding is needed to take the school to the next level, the school is launching its Campaign for Educational Excellence. Private funds offer the potential for Lowell High School to better attract talented and creative intellectual resources. Moreover, this funding will create permanent scholarships that launch successful futures for Lowell's most deserving students. The funding will also attract talented students who would otherwise attend private schools. As part of the Campaign for Educational Excellence, you can continue a legacy of excellence for the future of our students, our school, and our city.

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