Lowell High School Honors Night Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with Lowell High School to offer students the opportunity to apply for hundreds of scholarships made possible by the generosity of donors. The scholarship application is now completely online. In 2018, over $500,000 was awarded to seniors at Lowell High School.

Any senior who has a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, attended LHS as a junior, and plans to further their education in the Fall of 2019 is eligible to apply.

Students must submit the following required scholarship materials online to be considered:

  • Lowell High School Honors Night Scholarship Application (submit all required questions, essays, and documents online)
  • ID Only Transcript (available in Naviance, under About Me tab, click documents)
  • Required Essay (maximum 300 words)

Apply by clicking here.