Build a stronger, more sustainable nonprofit.



Since 1997, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation has been helping nonprofits access the necessary funding, resources, training, education and tools they need to more effectively address the social, educational, economic, environmental and/or cultural needs of our communities.

By matching and connecting your nonprofit organization with charitable donations, grants, endowments and scholarship funds, we help to ensure you make a stronger, more lasting impact while improving the quality of life in our community.



  • Our monthly seminars for nonprofits provide excellent advice and insights from industry leaders to help you better manage and support your nonprofit.
  • We’re available to support you with consultation on nonprofit issues. Because we’re connected to so many nonprofits in the Lowell area, we understand the challenges and issues you face – and we have insights to help you navigate those challenges.
  • We bring nonprofits together to help address shared issues and inspire collaborations that result in mutual success.
  • We offer grant funding to help you build capacity for your nonprofit and strengthen your ability to meet your organizational goals.
  • We provide opportunities for nonprofits to endow funds – serving as an excellent fundraising tool while communicating longevity to your donors.
  • We help your nonprofit strengthen its sustainability and improve its opportunity for future growth through intelligent, responsible investment plans.


“Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their life; that’s why my wife and I started this fund.”

The Ramos Lopez Fund